Vantine’s day a cozy night at home.


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fire valentines day cake gifts shoes

Valentine’s day is now behind us. I tried to go all out for ours, simply just because. Prepared a delicious dinner the MR’s favorite stuffed veal chop, he only gets this on special occasions.  A small Valentine day banner decorated our fireplace mantel. How cute, purchased this on Etsy from ABannerAffair.  Six months ago on our wedding day we each had just one bite of the cake, before it was whisked off and then we never sat down again the rest of the night let alone eat cake! Since then I have been craving the deliciousness from Lulu’s bakery, sicilian pistachio.  Valentine’s day  was the perfect excuse to order up our favorite flavor for dessert. Yum doesn’t even begin to explain this heavenly dessert! To top off the night  I even prepared a thoughtful and sexy gift for MR . Something he can treasure for years to come.

The MR surprised me with the purple box! A lovely pair of leopard shoes from Stewart Weitzman. I do love my leopard! Its all very bizarre his shopping has never been better. I can thank the gods at Bloomingdales for finding his email address and sending him special reminders with oodles of stuff I would love to add to the wardrobe.

The night was actually perfect, but not because Hallmark made up the holiday or the shoes , but because I was with the one I love. It was a quite night at home spending it how we ideally would always like to spend our time together…. Eating great food, having a fire, sipping wine, listening to music and being present in each other’s company.

 If you didn’t have a special valentine’s day there’s always next year or better yet when you have that special someone in your life make any day Valentine ’s Day thought out the year. Just spend special time with your love. Time well spent is a gift to treasure.